For now, I don’t look men in their eyes

Three submissions by an anonymous artist.

CN: Depictions of blood and physical injury, mentions of sexual violence, allusions to self-harm


For now, I don’t look men in their eyes anymore. All I can see behind the wet curveball is the constant glimpses of a ravenous desire. It stares and penetrates without my permission…at least for now, I am just too weak to let it slide off me easily.


Everywhere I look, they are there, demanding to exert their heat. I only want the cold to comfort me now, for I have, wedged in me, head that I did not want and asked not to have..

I can’t vomit it, I can’t peel it off, I can’t cut it out of me and let it bleed out.

IMG_2699 3.jpeg

It sits inside of me like a raccoon in a house I did not want and keeps finding food and eating the furniture while I wait for it to starve. It’s a ravenous animal that makes its way back in when you kick it out. And it bites. I just fear, now that I have a raccoon, it will bring other raccoons, and all the raccoons will eat my house and will probably eat me too.