Dear readers and writers

Dear readers,

You are so much more than someone glancing at a page or screen.

You are witnesses.

You are allies.

You are the reason people have the courage to craft their darkest moments into words.

You are part of the healing process.

You are part of a vast community that can eradicate rape culture.

You are part of the solution.

You are powerful.

You are a safe space.

You are compassion, validation, peace and hope with every word you read.

You are a loudspeaker to those who have been told that their pain is not important or that their testimony is false.

You are survivors of a culture that has told you this behaviour is acceptable, through reading this you are part of the community that is willing to change it.
Dear writers,

You are giving so much more than a few written words on a page.

You are giving someone the realisation that what happened to them was assault.

You are gifting them the understanding that what happened was not okay.

You give hope that things will get better.

You gift the opening a dialogue that has been clamped shut by institutions for generations.

You’ve gifted a part of yourself that hasn’t known love and turned it into a story of power and bravery.

You gift your own testimony of resilience.

You gift yourself a voice, when others have tried to silence it.

You gift yourself a power that will ebb and flow but is rooted in compassion and understanding.

You are so much more than your story, and your story is a bigger gift than a few words on a page.

These words hold weight and power, and we are proud of every person involved in its content, readership, and publication.

Thank you.

Love and solidarity from,

Letters from Survivors.