“I felt disgusting and just really confused.”

I was sexually assaulted when I was 15. I was in a school play acting as a character who had a lot of costume changes. On the first night of the production, everything went smoothly. I entered and exited the stage when I was needed and changed my costume each time on my own with no delay or difficulty. On the second night of the production, after exiting the stage, I entered the boys’ dressing room where I had been changing clothes as normal and there were two ‘stagehands’ there. They were guys from the year above me, saying that they had been asked by the drama teachers to help me change costumes. I was a bit confused as they had not been there on the first night and I had been able to change myself before with no issues. I reluctantly went along with it and started to undress as they watched and ‘helped’ me to do so. They started poking and pinching my arms and teasing me about my skinny frame which was annoying but I just ignored it and told them to please just hurry up with what they were supposed to be doing. Then suddenly they stopped teasing and things took a strange dark turn. One of them started running his hand up my inner leg towards my crotch while the other placed his hands on my backside. Before they could do anything else, some sort of kerfuffle happened (I think someone came into the room or there was someone in the room that they suddenly realised was there) and they pulled away, pretending to just be dusting off my coat or de-wrinkling my garments. I needed to go on stage so I just told them to get off me or something, got changed and went back on stage. I think the adrenaline of being in the play had meant that I hadn’t fully processed what had happened and so I just got on with it. It wasn’t until I was in bed that night that I actually thought about what they had done, and furthermore, what else they could have ended up doing had it not been for the interruption. I felt disgusting and just really confused. I didn’t report it because, at that age, I wasn’t educated on the severity of had really happened. I thought (because, in my mind, it was an attempted rather than a completed assault) that it wasn’t serious enough to talk about and maybe I was just being over-dramatic about my reaction to it. To this day, I don’t why those two guys were there backstage, I don’t know why they picked on me and I’m not even completely sure if they were even official stagehands after all since they didn’t come back for the third night, maybe just predators.