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Letters from Survivors is an online magazine focusing on sexual violence and harassment at UK universities. Through articles, short stories and open letters, we attempt to create a space wherein all aspects of sexual violence can be discussed. This project aims to educate, promote solidarity, and above all provide a means of self-expression.

About Us

Our mission is to provide a platform for people to talk about their experiences with sexual violence freely, safely, and without judgement. This project was started by It Happens Here, an Oxford Student Union Campaign, but welcomes contributions from anywhere in the country.

To get make a submission or get in touch, you can email us at lettersfromsurvivors@gmail.com. Anything sent to our email will be treated as anonymous, unless you state otherwise. We have only a few guidelines that submissions should follow:

  • Avoid naming institutions, colleges or universities.

  • Avoid referencing people to the extent they can be identified – don’t use real names, of perpetrators or of other people.

  • If something you write contains facts/statistics, please provide links to references for them.

  • If you’re writing something that’s wholly or partly fictional (ie a short story based on a personal experience), please make this clear in your email.

  • Letters should be around 500 words in length (though it’s okay if this is a bit below or above). Personal essays, opinion pieces and fiction can be of any length.

Image from It Happens Here’s 2020 campaign, taken by Margot Harvey. Our logo was designed with thanks by Fred Seddon.